Our Services

BHS-HCN has services that are perfectly aligned with your families growth. From medical treatment to your insurance concerns, our staff of qualifie d professional has quickly become a one-stop clinic for families... just like yours.


BHS-HCN offers a branch of care and medicine that deals with the development and care of infants and children and the treatment of their disease.


BHS-HCN works closely with our patients in preventing disease and prolonging life. We do this through consultation, medical attention, treatment, and partnerships with other local medical specialist.


During or preparing pregnancy, BHS-HCN offers the most up to date resources and care for your arriving family. Early support from your local doctor can prepare you and your family for a healthier and happier new family member.


BHS-HCN works with you in designing and regulating a practice of contraception or other methods of preventative care.


A healthy mind is important. BHS-HCN offers experience and local resources in supporting, preventing, and managing mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, substance abuse, and dietary concerns.


With each client, BHS-HCN works hard in stopping unhealthy acts or concerning medical needs. From the unexpected to treatments, our medical team are here to help.

Substance Abuse Recovery (Agency partner)

BHS (Behavioral Health Services) has 50 years of recovery experience. Local and experienced, our staff of professionals are ready to serve your family when you need us most. Visit www.bhs-inc.org